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Valentines day. One of those most polarizing holidays. The holiday that is really all about the haves and the have nots. For single people it is a stark reminder of how cruel and lonely the dating scene can be. For married people, it is the first time they will have sex since Christmas. For the dating people it is an opportunity to do something together, a sweet romantic opportunity to say things you really don’t mean. For the outdoorsy couple it is a chance to have an adventure together. Actually getting to spend this Valentine’s day together was awesome. She had always wanted to go skiing and well I love to teach people to ski.

I have a great connection at Out-N-Back (the best store on the planet btw) who got her hooked -up with a ski rental. We headed to the ski resort early in the morning after  having dropped my daughter, Marina  at her mothers and leaving Iggy with my mom. The night before, I had gone over the pizza slice with her and told her the basics of skiing, ie turning and stopping. She grasped the concept pretty easily but was still nervous when we got on the chair- lift heading to the top.

She did really well. Like most beginners she could start the turns just fine but  as soon as she started picking up speed, in the downhill portion of the turn ,she would start to panic. It took a couple runs down the hill to get her over that part. Like all beginners as soon as she got over the panic part then she would go down the hill as fast as she could. It was truly romantic ; we were carving hearts in the packed powder. Cherubs in heaven were shedding tears of Joy.

I had had enough and really wanted to go home, but Anastasiya wanted to do another run. We were parked at the upper parking lot and there was a run that ended by that lot so I consented  to her request. We were halfway down the slope when Anastasiya fell. She said her knees hurt but  she would try to walk.. It was about time that I was started to have flashbacks… Its like we are perfect for each other. I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be good. Just as I was about to tell her to stop walking, someone said they had called the ski patrol.

Torn knees

The ski patrol arrived and dragged her down the hill. I filled out one of those lovely accident reports while the ski patrol put her in a cardboard splint. On the way home ,I joked with her a little bit. I kept saying repeat after me “Skiing is not my thing”. She refused to say it and insisted that she loved skiing and would give it a try again. That is until a few days later after she had seen a doctor.

Two torn knee ligaments. The Dr. told her she had too stay in braces for a couple months and that her right  knee would  heal just fine but her left knee would require surgery if she  ever wants to do anything more intense than walking or running. Anything that has an increased risk of twisting the knee, like canyoneering, hiking, skiing, or backpacking is out of the question.

So what shall we do with our summer now?