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Last year I did a website for the Utah State Bar.  It was created as an informational and registration site for their February Intellectual Properties Summit. During the creation phase of the website ,I noticed that nobody had taken pictures of the last 10ish summits.  So I volunteered to take the day off work, show- up, take pictures and get paid.  It was surprisingly more fun than I thought it would be.  The best part was the end of the day when they asked me if I skied/snowboarded.

It had been a few years since I had been skiing.  Several years ago when I worked for an outdoor shop, I got free passes to go skiing .  The next three years I worked for a place that had free gold -ski passes.  Since I no longer work  there and don’t have access to free passes, I really haven’t been skiing.  When the summit director offered me a couple free ski passes,  I accepted .

Nobody really came to mind about whom I should take so I decided to run a little contest, which was really just my way of figuring out who is stalking me.  The first person to email me and tell me what color of underwear I was wearing, would get the other free pass.  My friend, Kat, was the winner with the answer “Red”.  My friend, Greg, should get points for the most creative answer “I don’t know what color they are now, but they used to be white”.  Basically I learned that Greg used to stalk me and that Kat has taken over the duties.  Kat would be fun to take, she had never been skiing before and I love to teach people how to ski.

The passes were for any of the major four ski resorts located in Salt Lake Valley.  I chose Alta.  Alta has always been my favorite place to skil. Alta is also the best for beginner skiers. I don’t have any problems, any severe problems, with snowboarders.  They just navigate the hill differently than skiers do, which starts the whole argument that “snowboarders are wreckless!” and “No we aren’t ” argument.  It would be similar to mixing a lot of English drivers driving on the left side of the road and American drivers driving  the right side of the road, in  the same square mile. Doesn’t mean they are bad, just different but they think everyone else is bad.

Anyway Alta is considered the best snow in Utah, and according to the license plates,Utah has the greatest snow on earth.  Alta is also one of two ski resorts in the nation that is”skiing only” and doesn’t allow snowboards.  This is a sore spot for most snowboarders, who  recently  filed a lawsuit to force Alta to allow them access to the resort.  Last I heard, I could be wrong, but  the snowboarders lost and Alta remains a haven for anyone who prefers the company of people who drive on the same side of the road.

Kat learned really quick ; she of course fell a few times at the first part of the first run.  After she learned to trust “the wedge,” she started making run after run without any problems.  Every so often ,she had a slight wreck and got most of the basic ones out of the way. She had the’ ballerina wreck,’ ‘the superman’ and the’ sit on my ass and tip over wreck’.  She even had one of the screaming, flailing, head- across slope until it starts going up to stop move.  The real peak was at the end of the day when she did a’ blue’ without wrecking.  I was proud.
I will be doing the pictures for the summit this year and hope I get more passes. I will have to try teaching the lovely Fabs and Marina to ski.  However, Fabs hates cold and skiing isn’t exactly bikini weather.