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Kayaking and Rafting in Wyoming

Wyoming isn’t known for its river system. Even though one of the best casual white- water runs is just outside of Jackson Hole. Wyoming has some great runs for Kayaks, but not a lot for rafting. Most tourists to Wyoming are visiting Yellowstone National Park. Adventurers are more likely to be found in the Wind Rivers or Grand Tetons.

Most of the excitement and adventure in Wyoming ,takes place in the Western half of the state. Unlike the barren east, the West has the Snake River, two national parks and some great backpacking routes in the Wind Rivers. The gateway to Wyoming adventure, is often considered to be Jackson Hole, an upscale tourist town that borders the Grand Teton National Park. Just to the southwest of Jackson Hole and right outside of Hoback Junction, is the Jackson Hole Daily. A several -mile run that is frequented by families and intermediate kayakers alike.

Unless you live close by Jackson, the Daily isn’t something you would make a special trip for, but if you are traveling through Jackson, it is something you should definitely experience.