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I had to ignore the site for a while and even let it go.  There were a combination of factors that made keeping up the website near impossible.  I was in the middle of a custody battle and it just became to hard emotionally and time wise to keep up two websites, plus work and all that blah blah blah.

I still have a hard time with the fact that so many people become irresponsible in the outdoors and almost immediately start getting in trouble the instant they read about a whole new place.  I sometimes think that easy information increases the popularity of an activity.  When the number of people surpass the amount of knowledge available or their ability many problems rise.

In early June of last year we ran into 4 young men from New Jersey.  They had no canyoneering experience but thought they would travel to Escalante to do Neon Canyon.  They shared a campfire with us at the Escalante Outfitters.  Even though they had done the canyon safely, their logic was that it was a well traveled canyon and they knew that anchors would be there.  This is a result of too much information, too easily accessible.

With this new site, every piece of beta I make available that requires some technical skill will be locked and required a password.  Unless I actually know you or you can convince me of your skill level, I won’t make the information available.  I will not charge for the information but I am not going to hand it out to every person that saw a cool picture and wants to see it in real life.