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Some Things are not Camping.

There are several types of people in the world and for each one of these types they have a different definition of camping. However, trying to fit so many different different beliefs under one definition would be like nicknaming Hilary Clinton “Honest Abe”. No matter how hard you try to change the name at the end of the day it is what it is. Some people call me Andy, some people call me David, my wife calls me things in Russian that probably wouldn’t be suitable for a porno, and at the end of the day, I am still an asshole. However, this is very important for you to clarify if you are taking people adventuring for the first time. If they say they like camping, make sure you know what they actually mean by camping.


Imagine that you get laid off from work. You don’t have any money coming in and your bank account eventually disappears. Eventually the bank comes along and takes your home. With no other options you pack up all your belongings into a much smaller home, one that is mobile, this is what Rving is. They pass this off as camping. The reason why they pass this off as camping, is because their new home, with all of its luxuries, has wheels and they happen to park it somewhere in nature. If you consider this camping, I will prance around your house in my boxers and you can tell your neighbors I am an underwear model, because I am wearing underwear.


This appears camping but all one has to do is look at the brown verticle stripe on the undies and you can tell the underwear isn’t being worn by a model. Tenting is where someone shows up at a KOA or some other developed campsite. People pull their car into a designated camping spot, pitch their tent about 15 feet from their car, right next to the water spicket and power plug. Its much closer to camping than Rving, but it still doesn’t give up much luxury. How far do you have to drive to the nearest water spicket or power plug? Its camping where the people really don’t want to give up any luxury.


Glamping is a combination of Glamour and Camping. Its closer to camping because, you can glamp and not have power plugs or pre-filtered, treated water delivery systems available to you. Its what rich people do to show they have money AND have the desire to be hardcore. They have Sable fur lined sleeping bags. Expensive chairs made out of rare Central American Bocote wood. They may have men with greek god like physiques carrying everything for them, feeding them grapes and fanning them with palm leaves.


This is where you take everything you need, to a remote place and spend the night or multiple nights. Usually there aren’t any services close by. Maybe there will be a pit toilet, but for the most part, you are on your own. The proximity of the car isn’t an issue, because you aren’t close to luxuries that you would find at home. This is camping. No power, no water, except what you brought or what the immediate nature can provide.


This technically isn’t confused as camping. However, you should be cautious if you ask someone to go backpacking and they say they love camping. The difference between backpacking and camping is just as great as the difference between camping and Rving. Everything you need fits on your back. You don’t have the option if you don’t take it with you. In backpacking you are on your own. Its a more hardcore.

So the next time you are having a social communion with people and someone mentions camping, just make sure to remember. Camping may not mean camping.