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I was introduced to Chaco’s while working at Out-n-Back. A few weeks previous to buying Chaco’s I had purchased a pair of Merril Chameleons. I loved the Chameleons, but the Chaco’s were a different world, they were ecstacy for the lamborfeeties. As much as I loved the Chameleons, they blended best with the floor in my closet and not the landscape of adventure.

Chaco’s became the new home for my feet carrying me to and from work, through rain and snow. Their reputation for durability was true, they lasted longer than my 4 and a half year career at Out-n-back. It was a couple years after I was gone from outdoor store that my Chaco’s shuffled the mortal coil and headed to happy paths in the sky. No longer having access to the pro-deal or big discounts, I passed buying a new pair right away and pulled my Chameleons from their hiding spot.

I was happy with my Chameleons and they served me just as valiantly as my Chaco’s did. If it wasn’t for a tragic Gruver experience, the Chameleons would still be in service. A few weeks after I prematurely sent my Chameleons to wherever sandals named after lizards go when they die, I was sick of lacing up shoes or boots. I decided it was time to get new sandals. It had been several years since my Chaco’s had died, and my feet yearned for the magical goodness that only Chaco could provide.

Having a high arch on the Chaco hurt my feet at first. After a couple days my feet became used to it. Everytime I walk outside its like a celebration for my feet. If you don’t own a pair of Chaco’s I would recommend you give your feet a present this Christmas or next spring.