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Ever since the posh make-up fiasco in Dark Canyon, I have adopted a policy with first time backpackers.  From now on, all first time backpackers must bring their stuff to my house the night before for a gear check.  We will pack their backpacks, and leave them with me.  The next day everyone meets at my house and we leave from there.  I will admit, it has worked out nicely and on one occasion has given me the chance to pull a
great prank.

Ever since I had heard about  it, I had  the desire to hike the Ruby Crest trail.  It is an extremely  beautiful trail smack dab in the middle of Nevada.  Now I know this  is the part where you call bull shit because any one who has  driven  through the middle of Nevada knows that the only thing beautiful  about Nevada is the “now leaving Nevada sign”.  Mustang Ranch used to be beautiful but that is no longer there so, back to the nothing beautiful about Nevada.

Well it is true. Located about 30 miles south of I-80 are the Ruby Mountains, a small mountain range that runs north and south. Not very long and even less narrow, the mountains are home to blue lakes, glacial valleys and an abundance of wildlife. Even though the Ruby Crest Trail is 45 miles long,we were only doing the first six into Liberty Lake.

Backpacking Ruby Crest Trail

I had some interesting people with me. Most of them were not outdoorsy but liked to think they were. Among them was Jamazing, a 17 year old girl ,who was a real sweet spirit. She was occasionally bright and other times she was one lobotomy away from being a Pokemon-Go enthusiast. However, she was enthusiastic, good natured and the perfect target for my cruel sense of humor. This was true even at 5 am when everyone arrived at my house to begin the 4 hour drive to where the backpacking would begin.

As we unloaded the car and everyone put on their packs, Jamazing made a comment about how her pack seemed heavier than it was the night before. After everyone packed and I lifted their packs, Jamaazings was fairly light. Now because Jamazing liked to consider herself somewhat of an intellectual for a 17 year old future Pokemon-Go enthusiast, I thought she would like to bring a book to read. Eight books to be exact. At this point, most people would wonder why their pack seemed significantly heavier and would take a look or at least ask if I had added anything to the pack. Instead the sweet- spirited teen began hiking with all of the spriteliness of a puppy with two tails.

The hike up to Liberty Lake is in two sections. The first section up to Liberty Pass which is the first 5.5 miles and it is all uphill. The second section is from Liberty Pass to Liberty Lake which is all downhill and is only .5 miles. On the way up, I managed to pull everyone aside and let them know about the books in Jamazings backpack. I was surprised that everyone managed to keep it a secret ,even when we stopped underneath a big tree after the first two miles of up.

Liberty Lake Ruby Crest Trail

As everyone took off their packs, sat down in the shade and made themselves comfortable, Jamazing piped up with the absolutely perfect statement,, “I wish I would have brought something to read!”. I shit you not  it couldn’t have been any better if it were a movie script. I had to bite my lip so hard to stop from laughing. Someone else had to walk down the path a couple hundred feet. Another person told a really bad joke to give the rest an excuse for laughing. As if on cue, Jamazing started laughing at the joke like it was the funniest thing she had ever heard. I can’t remember the joke but it wasn’t any funnier than the chicken one. The fact that she was laughing over it made us laugh even harder.

When we got to camp, I made sure to start unpacking and set my tent a long ways a way from where Jamazing would be. I wanted a head start when she discovered what I did. It didn’t take long when she screamed “Hey where did all these books come from?” I thought she was going to be mad but apparently the lobotomy didn’t erase her memory and she remembered what had happened at the tree.

Reading Books On Ruby Crest Trail

I ended up carrying all the books back, and once again found myself carrying an unusually heavy pack, but it was worth it.