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Outdoor Adventure in Utah

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Utah is by far one of the best, if not the best states for recreation. Utah is home to 7 and a half national monuments, 5 national parks, and 42 state parks. The geography of Utah ranges from hundreds of peaks that break 13,000 feet to sandy deserts. It is home to almost every type of geographical feature necessary for recreation, except an ocean.

In the winter, Utah is home to world- class skiing. Unlike neighboring states such as Colorado, it also has a reputation for skiing, Utah’s skiing is easily accessible. Within 45 minutes of landing in the Salt Lake City International Airport, skiers can be on the slopes of 6 different world -class resorts, something no other state can boast. Salt Lake was home to the 2002 winter Olympics, which many people consider to be one of the most successful winter Olympics of all time. The reputation, Salt Lake has earned for winter skiing, is mirrored by its summer recreational opportunities.

The same mountains that are home to the greatest snow on earth, become some of the most convenient hiking or rock climbing on earth during the summer. Only minutes from your hotel or motel room are thousands of miles of hiking trails and rock- climbing routes. Many of these hiking trails are Mnt. bike friendly. There are not a lot of metropolitan areas anywhere in the United States that have world class climbing, skiing, and hiking closer to home than most peoples place of employment.

The southern part of the state is home to five major national parks, each of them, in their own way, unrivaled in their beauty. There is also one national recreational area in the southern part of the state and six national monuments.

Utah Parks and Monuments

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